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Four Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to prep your building’s exterior for a new paint job, but there are many other reasons to have exterior elements of your home or business cleaned in this manner. Pressure Washing Lets You Spruce Up Building Exteriors If you’re not quite ready for a new paint or siding job or a more complete reno isn’t in the budget right now, pressure washing can help. The high-powered spray cuts through years of dirt and grime to reveal the details of a building’s facade. Professional pressure washers know how to use this power to bring out the true color of walls, refresh windows and siding and get clumped debris from roof and gutter areas, all without damaging existing elements. A High-Powered Wash Makes for a Healthier Environment Pressure washers don’t just clear away dirt and dust. They can also remove built-up allergens, such as mold or pollen, to create a healthier area for your family, employees or customers. Regular washing also helps remove debris from areas that can impact the functionality of your building, which leads to better operation of HVAC and filtering units and a healthier indoor environment. Pressure Washing Doesn’t Rely on Chemicals While chemicals can be used during pressure washing for certain purposes, such as to treat especially bad mold or mildew issues, it’s rarely necessary for harsh chemicals to factor into the process. Professional pressure washing equipment is so powerful, the only thing required to blast away grime and stains is water. Even if your provider recommends chemicals during the process, numerous biodegradable and organic solutions are available, so you don’t... read more

Atlantic S&C Offers Full-Service Cleanup for Your Storefront

If your business is open to the public, you already know how important it is to present a clean, inviting front that draws in customers. You probably sweep the aisles and organize the merchandise into orderly displays, but are you doing your best to keep the exterior of your building in shape for the summer crowds? By booking porter services from Atlantic S&C, you can effortlessly give your store’s facade a full-service sprucing up just in time for the warm weather to bring foot traffic to your door. Litter Removal Creates a Safe and Inviting Space Nobody wants to step over litter to get into a store, and nothing could be more unsightly than piles of discarded trash blocking the way for customers. It’s also potentially unsafe to leave litter scattered around your premises. Atlantic S&C helps you deal with this hazard by sweeping up all the loose trash near your door and in the spaces near your building. Our team of friendly professionals walks the grounds of your property and collects every scrap of litter, from strips of wrapping paper to the occasional illegally dumped kitchen sink, to clear obstructions and vastly improve the atmosphere near your front door. Spot Cleaning Gets Graffiti and Grime No matter how clean you try to keep your shop, it is inevitable that some grime and dirt will accumulate in a few hard-to-reach spots on your facade. Atlantic S&C’s well-trained crews use a powerful pressure washer to scrub these troublesome spots with hot water and environmentally responsible detergent. If your store has a single spot of graffiti where customers can see it,... read more

Spring Cleaning Targets Illegal Dumping in DC

Illegal dumping is the target of a neighborhood cleanup and enforcement action in the District of Columbia this spring, and residents are warned to keep their lots clean. The initiative, spearheaded by the DC Department of Public Works, runs through late spring and seeks to catch illegal dumpers and the property owners who allow garbage to sit on their land. Violators may be fined in proportion to the severity of the offense. Types of Trash Being Targeted The Department is looking for waste in hundreds of alleys located in and around the area’s floodplain. The concern is to clear away trash that can block drainage routes and create flood hazards. Random household trash, yard waste and improperly disposed-of construction material can block alleyways and impair water flow and foot traffic alike, the Department warns. Larger items, such as nonoperational and illegally parked automobiles, will be cited, authorities warn, and both businesses and area residents who own the land may be cited if the trash is left uncleared. Under District laws, you may be held responsible for illegal dumping on your property, even if you didn’t deposit the trash yourself. Before the Sweep One thing you can do to get ready for the spring enforcement is to check your land out to the recognized property line and clear away small obstructions and piles of debris. For larger middens, and for the pickup-truck-sized loads that illegal dumpers can leave in a single visit, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers a quick, affordable service to clear away the trash and get the land back into compliance before an enforcement officer leaves a ticket.... read more

Taking Out the Trash with Junk Removal Services

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about spring cleaning, and they often prioritize junk removal. However, even though there are municipal landfills and recycling areas, some people still choose to illegally dump their trash, creating an unsightly pile that can have serious health code issues. Even though this is a pain point for many businesses, it’s essential to deal with this immediately. What to Do When You See Illegally Dumped Items Many contractors offer junk and bulk trash removal services, and Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is one of them. When we get a report of illegally dumped items, we look at the size of the trash pile and aim to remove it effectively. We take images of the items removed and attempt to identify the origin of the trash so that you have a better chance of identifying the culprits. In some cases, people are careless enough to leave bank statements, receipts and other identifying information within the trash. This increases the chance of a successful prosecution or claim for damages related to the dumping, should businesses choose to pursue those routes. Reasons to Contact Junk Removal Specialists Immediately Quickly handling illegally dumped trash helps you avoid potential fines from local authorities, as they can impose sanctions on companies that don’t keep their lots clean. It also helps you eliminate the problems of pests attracted by edible items within the trash. Similarly, a pile of dumped trash does not look good for your business. It can cause additional hazards and liability if it’s not cleaned up quickly simply because customers can injure themselves on it or... read more

5 Reasons to Restripe Your Parking Lot

It’s springtime, and the weather is starting to change for the better, so it’s time to consider getting your parking lot restriped. After all, winter is often hard on any parking lot thanks to increased amounts of rain and snow, and once you’ve repaired the inevitable damage and maintained it, your parking lines are likely to look worn and faded. There are other good reasons for restriping your parking lot, however, and they can ensure that your customers remain happy. ADA Compliance The Americans With Disabilities Act requires that you clearly mark dedicated parking spaces within your lot. If the lines are too faded, this can mean it might appear that there are no ADA-compliant spaces, causing you to fall afoul of ADA regulations. In addition, because ADA-compliant parking is considered to be “readily achievable” and has a “minimal impact” on the business, it is expected that all businesses with parking lots have clearly marked ADA spaces. In addition, you’re required to have a certain proportion of van-accessible parking spaces, which essentially mean a wider access aisle to accommodate a wheelchair lift and adequate vertical clearance. Mark Fire Lanes Fire lanes are also another legal requirement in many areas, and again, they must be clearly marked so that people don’t accidentally park in them. The precise requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, yet it’s generally assumed that firetrucks should be able to use them, so the regulations are often similar. Typically, red paint is involved and the curb is generally painted yellow and has the words “No Parking, Fire Lane” on it. Again, these need tobe in good repair... read more
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