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3 Reasons to Get Parking Lot Sweeping In VA

Commercial Property Owners Have a Lot of Reasons to Book Parking Lot Sweeping In Virginia. Here Are Three of the Best. 1. Parking Lot Sweeping in VA Keeps Lots Safe Lot sweeping is an often-overlooked measure any property owner can take to improve safety on the premises. Branches and leaves fall from Northern Virginia’s many trees all year, with especially heavy drops in the fall and winter storm seasons. These can create major safety hazards, since branches are easy to trip over and can puncture tires on occasion. Carpets of leaves are also dangerous. Not only does a thick blanket of fallen leaves block water runoff, but piles of wet leaves are a slipping hazard, which can put customers in a bad spot when they’re carrying loads of boxes out of your store and maybe not looking. Clearing obstructions like these is the first thing a lot sweeping crew does. The larger branches have to be moved by hand, of course, but the sweeper can handle the smaller twigs and leaves. Preventing accidents in your parking lot goes beyond branches and leaves; a good pressure washing can also draw up and flush away the grease and oily residue some cars drop in your parking lot, which also reduces the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. 2. It Improves a Property’s Appeal to Customers A thorough lot sweeping does more than improve the safety of the space; it also improves its looks. Customers like to shop in places where they feel the business takes hygiene seriously, and while few real people would choose to patronize a business on the grounds that... read more

Should You Get Parking Lot Sweeping in VA in Winter?

Winter on the East Coast Is a Time to Close the Windows and Let the Last Leaves Fall, But Is It Also the Time for Parking Lot Sweeping in Virginia? Winter is not the time to do anything outdoorsy on the Eastern Seaboard, whether you’re out by yourself playing tennis or you’re paying landscapers to mow the lawn in a cold Atlantic rain. Parking lot sweeping in Virginia, however, is something of an exception. Here are three reasons why. Street Sweeping in VA Helps Improve Lot Safety First and foremost, sweeping your lot any time of the year improves safety conditions for you, your employees and visitors to your property. Winter storms have a definite tendency to drop branches on trafficked roads and pour down cold rain that leaches oils up from the asphalt, where they’ve been building up all summer and fall. By dragging those obstructions away and pressure washing the residual grease off, your sweeping service helps keep the lot outside your store, rental property or office block clean and safe for the public to drive on. It Sets You Apart From the Competition With such a clean lot, how can customers stay away? Actually, customers care a lot about how your grounds appear, as they care about easy parking and clear markings in the lot. Atlantic S&C helps with all three of these issues by clearing debris out of your driving and parking areas, pressure washing surfaces to clear away ground-in grime and old paint, and then striping your lot with fresh, reflective high-visibility markings. The effect of these actions, which may be separately booked if... read more

Prepare Your Lot for Street Sweeping Service in Virginia

There Are Several Steps Lot Owners Should Take to Get Their Property Ready Before Street Sweeping in Virginia. When rough fall weather or heavy Christmas traffic has left your commercial parking lot cluttered and dirty, it’s time to call for a professional pressure wash. Not every lot is always ready to go, however. That’s why there are usually a few things you need to do before your appointment for street sweeping services in Virginia. Make Alternate Arrangements Many, if not most, commercial parking lots serve businesses that are open seven days a week. Some stay open every day of the year, which means that, regardless of the date scheduled, some daily traffic will be going in and out on the day of the sweep. Lot sweeping doesn’t take very long, but the crew still needs space to operate, and parked cars in the lot definitely count as obstacles to a thorough cleaning. That’s why it’s probably necessary to close down your lot for as long as the team is working. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to close your business for an hour or two during the holiday rush. Instead, try making arrangements with a neighboring lot owner to handle your traffic during the sweep. Later, you can return the favor when their lot is being cleaned. It’s probably a good idea to block off access to your lot with orange cones or hazard tape that you can easily remove after the job is done. Remove Obstacles Once your lot is closed off and all the cars are out, take a walk around to spot any obstacles that... read more

Why You Need Street Sweeping Services in VA After a Construction Project

Construction Projects Inevitably Generate Waste and Can Leave the Grounds Around Your Property in Serious Need of a Street Sweeping Service in VA. Whenever you have construction work done on your commercial property, some construction waste is inevitable. Loose sheets of plastic, spent insulation, and various liquids and solids have a way of getting loose on a construction job site, and many of these substances have the potential to damage or stain the concrete or asphalt pavement on your property. The walls of your buildings can also become discolored and dirty after even a brief renovation, necessitating a professional-quality pressure wash before you’re ready to greet customers again. Types of Construction Waste Most construction and renovation projects begin with a tear-down or cleaning out of the existing structure, followed by the installation or repair work. The first stages of this process can put a lot of dust in the air, which invariably sticks to buildings’ windows, walls and signage, creating a dilapidated, dingy look that can turn away customers. Other types of waste typically generated include fluff from discarded carpets and insulation, bits of plastic sheeting too small to be picked up and thrown away, and dropped tar from the roof. The rebuilding process introduces its own varieties of mess. Discarded product wrappers for construction materials, spilled paint or other chemicals, and personal trash left by careless workers all leave your grounds looking less than optimal. Most reputable contractors try to clean up their job site before the work is finished, but not everything can be collected, and whatever remains can’t help but look bad. Street Sweeping Services in... read more

What Do You Really Get When You Arrange for Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia or Maryland?

Many commercial property owners are on the fence about whether or not to invest in commercial street sweeping services in Virginia or Maryland, especially if they’re managing significant acreage that they fear may be prohibitively expensive to professionally clean. The service is usually more than worth the cost, however, and the uncertainty is usually a result of owners not knowing just how much bang they get for their buck when they book a truly professional service, such as Atlantic S&C. The Team Approach When you book a cleaning for your commercial property, the customer service rep at Atlantic S&C carefully consults with you to get a feeling for just what your needs are and books the appropriate level of service for your lot. Usually, this is a single sweeper truck with a two-man crew. One member of the crew, the driver, stays in the truck and passes over the areas to be cleaned, calling on his expert training to safely operate in sometimes crowded parking lots and narrow paved areas. The helper assists the driver by handling equipment outside of the truck, looking for hazards the driver might not see and managing the smaller trash receptacles for heavily littered spots. Thorough Street Sweeping, by Hand if Necessary While the driver sweeps, the helper gets out with a blower and quickly clears a path through litter, fallen leaves and other ground impediments. Cleanup on this scale goes beyond the asphalt; if there’s any litter to be found in the green areas, in open fields or around the secondary structures, the helper walks over to take care of it. Our team... read more
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