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3 Reasons to Look Up When You’re Ordering Street Sweeping in Virginia

When you invest in street sweeping in Virginia, it’s likely because you want your business to look great and be safe for your customers. Sweeping away dirt and debris from the streets, sidewalks and parking lots in front of your business is one way to accomplish this, but the professionals at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning remind you to look up as well as down when appraising your business or residence for cleaning needs. Here are three other details you might want to attend to besides pavement. 1. Do Siding or Exterior Walls Need a Bath? Exterior walls are a large surface that can attract a great deal of dirt. From mildew and mold to just layers of caked-on dust, the gunk that builds up on your walls or siding isn’t attractive to consumers. It can also contribute to health hazards for customers and employees, especially if mold has started to take root or exterior wall growth has attracted pests. Luckily, if the wall or siding is in good condition, the buildup can often be swept away in a safe, efficient manner with pressure washing. 2. How Much Can You See Through the Windows? Windows let light into your business, which can help you set a brighter and more pleasing tone inside. They also let customers get a glimpse of your goods or services from the outside, which can tempt them to come in and spend money. If your windows are covered in dirt or streaks, less light comes in, and both the inside and outside of your business can appear dingy. Dirt also keeps customers from lingering to look... read more

Provider of Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia Says: Looks Do Matter

While people might not judge a book by its cover, a dingy building rarely gets the same lenient treatment. Setting aside obvious historical landmarks, a dirty or discolored building is less likely to inspire the trust of consumers. Shoppers and clients might enjoy a facade with personality, but most also value clean and safe surroundings, and using comprehensive commercial sweeping services in Virginia is one way to achieve that. At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, our services go beyond simple street sweeping (which is one way to keep the area around your business safe and pleasant). Here’s a look at some other services that help your place of business look more appealing to clients. Pressure and Power Washing Pressure and power washing is the Phillips screwdriver in our toolbox. That is to say: it’s a simple solution that comes in handy in numerous situations. One of the best things about high-power pressure washing is that it can clean away years of grime, dust, debris and even mildew without the need for harmful chemicals. We can pressure wash sidewalks, drives and parking lots to remove stains and seasonal debris from pavement, but we’ll also turn the hoses on awnings, dumpster areas, loading docks and building facades. The results are a newer looking area, almost like magic. Snow Removal Our snow removal services help you keep the walkways in front of your business safer for clients. We can remove heavy snow from sidewalks or help you clear away piles left by city or town plows. The result is a clear path to your business and a lack of day-old gray snow that... read more

Prepare for Winter and Spring Now: Four Benefits of Snow Removal and Street Sweeping in Virginia for Your Business

It may be difficult to think about winter with the sun shining and the weather still warm in mid-August, but late summer to early fall is a great time to consider how your business will handle snow removal once winter arrives and the precipitation starts to pile up. Snow can affect your business’s daily operation, as too much of it in your parking lot and on your walkway entrances prevents your customers from safely accessing your facility. When you choose our business for snow removal and street sweeping in Virginia, you can rely on fast, efficient service from our skilled drivers. What follows are four benefits to using a professional snow removal service for your business. Clear and Slick-Free Parking Lots Our drivers are equipped with large, powerful plow trucks that can safely push, move and pile snow up and out of the way to maximize a clear parking area for your customers. Clear parking lots are essential so that drivers are sure to see painted lines that divide parking spaces, and so that when drivers are leaving, entering or reversing, they won’t slide or slip on the parking lot surface. Our de-icing equipment is state-of-the-art — we can prepare surfaces before the storm hits to prevent ice buildup and then, after the storm, apply significant sand and other materials to provide extra traction for cars and people. Clear Walkways Just as important as clear parking lots are walkways that can be traversed safely in cold weather. It’s important for your employees as well as visiting customers. We’ll use shovels or small snow blowers to clear snow from walkways... read more

Be Back-to-School Ready with Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia

The sun is setting on yet another summer, and as the days get shorter, customers have back-to-school shopping on their minds. With this time of year comes a fantastic opportunity for your business to make a great impression on the parents and students shopping for the school year. Commercial sweeping services in Virginia or Maryland from the professionals at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. help you present your business in its best light to make the most of this business opportunity. Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia Keep You From Losing Customers In a recent study, 95 percent of shoppers said that exterior appearance is important in their selection of a place to shop. More than half of shoppers said they avoid a business that looks dirty from the outside. Our commercial sweeping and porter services help stop you from losing that business, especially during this critical back-to-school shopping rush. Porter Services Keep Your Business Exterior Looking Its Best What are porter services? At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc., porter services include litter pick-up, mopping, gum removal, graffiti removal and even window cleaning to keep the exterior of your business looking its best. Little things like spot pressure-washing services, wiping down exterior surfaces like garbage cans and benches and rounding up carts from the parking lots add up to make a big impression on existing and potential customers. We can even help you with things like landscape watering or other specific services that you request. We all know how quickly things can get disorganized during a busy time like the back-to-school season. Let our commercial sweeping and porter services make... read more

Lot Maintenance Doesn’t Stop With Street Sweeping in Virginia

It’s been a long, hot summer so far in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area, and the season has taken its toll on residential and commercial parking lots across the Capital Corridor. High summer temperatures can soften asphalt, causing it to slowly expand and split, as well as forcing existing cracks wider than they were last season. While many properties schedule their annual lot cleaning and street sweeping in Virginia’s hot summer months, it’s easy to overlook the next logical step: lot striping and crack repair. Regular Lot Striping Improves the Safety of a Property Parking lots are difficult to protect from the effects of rain, snow and daily sun. Heat from direct sunlight makes asphalt expand, while cool nighttime air and the occasional dusting of snow cools and contracts the surface of your parking lot. This regular push-and-pull from Northern Virginia’s always-exciting climate can wreak havoc on the toughest lot surfaces, and cracks inevitably form and widen over the years. This makes the surface rough and uneven; it wears down tires faster than normal, and it can create potentially unsafe conditions for customers and employees who have to walk across the lot without tripping. Perhaps worst of all, once a crack has opened, the weak point has a tendency to spread and widen in much less time than it took for the split to open in the first place. This all makes regular maintenance and small repairs crucial to extend the useful life of your pavement. Taking Advantage of the Season to Repair and Resurface Your Lot By far, the best time to fill in cracks and smooth out the... read more
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