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Lot Maintenance Doesn’t Stop With Street Sweeping in Virginia

It’s been a long, hot summer so far in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area, and the season has taken its toll on residential and commercial parking lots across the Capital Corridor. High summer temperatures can soften asphalt, causing it to slowly expand and split, as well as forcing existing cracks wider than they were last season. While many properties schedule their annual lot cleaning and street sweeping in Virginia’s hot summer months, it’s easy to overlook the next logical step: lot striping and crack repair. Regular Lot Striping Improves the Safety of a Property Parking lots are difficult to protect from the effects of rain, snow and daily sun. Heat from direct sunlight makes asphalt expand, while cool nighttime air and the occasional dusting of snow cools and contracts the surface of your parking lot. This regular push-and-pull from Northern Virginia’s always-exciting climate can wreak havoc on the toughest lot surfaces, and cracks inevitably form and widen over the years. This makes the surface rough and uneven; it wears down tires faster than normal, and it can create potentially unsafe conditions for customers and employees who have to walk across the lot without tripping. Perhaps worst of all, once a crack has opened, the weak point has a tendency to spread and widen in much less time than it took for the split to open in the first place. This all makes regular maintenance and small repairs crucial to extend the useful life of your pavement. Taking Advantage of the Season to Repair and Resurface Your Lot By far, the best time to fill in cracks and smooth out the... read more

Three Reasons Commercial Sweeping Services in Maryland Make Sense for Your Business

As a savvy business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your company’s reputation. When customers come to shop at your business, they judge by its exterior appearance well before they set foot in your store. To stay ahead of the game, you need a plan to make sure the outside of your building stays as clean as the inside, whether you work on Main Street or in the local mall. Thankfully, commercial sweeping services in Maryland can help you achieve a spotless street-facing entrance and a debris-free parking lot. 1. Professional Cleaning Services Save You Time You operate a bustling business, and to maximize profits, you keep your well-trained staff occupied almost constantly all day. Finding time to clean the outside of your store is a challenge, and you don’t want to keep someone on the payroll just to sweep your parking lot. Your growing business isn’t small enough to cope with exterior maintenance by itself any more but isn’t yet large enough to justify a janitor. That’s where commercial sweeping services come in. When you opt for parking lot or street sweeping in Maryland, you contract with an external firm, which sends its personnel to clean up trash, debris and seasonal clutter for you. Instead of focusing on the outside of your building, you can focus on what happens inside and on your customers. 2. Cleaner Businesses Attract More Customers Unless you’re the only business of your type in town, you have competition to deal with, and if your competitors keep their buildings cleaner than yours, you might lose customers. Clean, safe parking lots are far... read more

How High-Quality Street Sweeping in Virginia Benefits Your Business

The inside of your business is immaculate, and you take great pride in keeping it that way because you know clean businesses attract more customers. What about the outside of your business, though — particularly the street? It’s tough to keep trash and debris in check without a sweeper machine, especially if your building sits in a busy part of town. Thankfully, you don’t have to send your staff out with push brooms to keep up with street sweeping in Virginia; you can opt for professional services from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning instead and save yourself time and trouble. Efficient Street Sweeping in Virginia Potential customers view cleanliness as a good sign, and they’re much more likely to shop at well-kept stores than waste-strewn outlets. If regular street sweeping is part of your city’s agenda, you already know what a positive difference it makes. If street maintenance is intermittent at best — or is left totally up to you to deal with — you may find debris and trash cramp your company’s style. Strip mall owners, in particular, have plenty to clean up on the streets outside their buildings, especially at the beginning of the week. If you operate your business near a bar or a club, you may need to clean up trash and broken glass on a regular basis. Efficient street sweepers can help you avoid injury and can remove litter, leaves and dirt, making your storefront look fresh and presentable. When to Sweep the Street Certain times of year are undoubtedly worse than others when it comes to street debris. Fall brings leaves and fallen branches,... read more

Improve Your Business with Parking Lot Sweeping in Virginia

You’ve worked hard to build your consumer base, increase sales and maintain your business, and you know that cleanliness counts. Before purchasing anything, prospective customers judge businesses by appearance as well as reputation. If your storefront and parking lot aren’t clean, you could lose sales. To avoid this, many business owners opt for professional parking lot sweeping in Virginia to enjoy a reliably neat and clutter-free exterior, season after season. Benefits of Parking Lot Sweeping in Virginia Consumer choice in retail and in the service industry is greater than ever, and people intentionally seek out the best companies before purchasing products or signing up for services. Folks are far more likely to pull into your parking lot if it is free of debris and trash, and they’re also more likely to hire you. When you pick up litter, wipe down your windowsills and clean benches outside your building, you show pride in your business — and that’s something potential customers respond to. If you’re the only business of your kind in town, you may have a reliable monopoly on sales. If you plan to expand, or to franchise your brand, however, you need to cultivate a good reputation so that people beyond city limits begin to visit as well. If your business is neat, clean and reliable, you may gain customers from afar as well as nearby. When to Sweep Your Lot Some business owners forget about parking lot maintenance until they begin to receive customer complaints, whereas others diligently pick up trash every day. If you’re the former, try not to feel too bad. When things get busy,... read more

How to Keep a Construction Site Clean and Safe

Construction is messy. If you need to create a new building for your business, or you want to put an extension on the back of your house, you’ll need to deal with the ensuing mess. With a little tactical planning, however, you can make the construction cleanup process substantially easier. Before Construction Begins Advance planning makes all the difference where construction cleanup is concerned. Before your project begins, check out city ordinances and make sure you abide by any trash-related rules. Some cities have special locations for construction waste drop-off, while others dictate how long you can leave trash sitting in your front yard or parking lot before getting into trouble. If you need a dumpster, book it well in advance and ensure you choose a vessel suited to your specific needs. Concrete requires a much stronger trash receptacle than wood, so if your building debris includes stone or cement, plan accordingly. Heavy-duty garden waste bags corral lightweight trash, keeping it neat and out of the way. During Construction Safety is everything during on-site cleanup projects. If your project includes any type of demolition, make sure that your cleanup crew stays completely out of the way until the area is safe to approach. According to OSHA regulations, hard hats are essential when workers are at risk of head injury; to protect your cleanup crew, make sure each member wears an ANSI-approved hard hat when working on location. To stay on top of building debris, liaise with your construction company to figure out a specific junk removal time. To avoid getting in the way, many homeowners and business owners sweep... read more
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